Devon Roof Finials

A variety of individual hand-made finials made at my workshop in Devon. They offer the opportunity to add a unique character to your house, or on a gatepost, or as a garden feature. They reference the Victorian features still seen on houses of quality but also the strong tradition of folk art seen in Brittany.

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Potter Up The Andes

End of the line – monday

0530 get alarm call from reception. 0550 get into taxi. 0620 I have checked in and cleared security. Given how paranoid they are, this has to be something of a record. Stop off at Chanel but they don’t stock Pour Monsieur and what they do have is more expensive than London prices. Make do with […]

The video shows me throwing the first stage for one of the finials, using 7 kilos of clay. It needs to be slightly firmer than usual to sustain the weight of itself.

In the old days country potters would throw smaller pots quickly, within minutes, but the larger ones always took longer. A slight deviation in a small pot can be remedied but not when it is this size.

It then has to dry out and firm up sufficiently for it to have decoration and additions made to it, perhaps in two or three days time depending on the time of year.

If it has an attached roof tile this is made at the same time as throwing and attached using a saddle for support.

The last stages are covering in white slip and then glaze before being allowed to dry out and once-fired in the wood-fired kiln.